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  • General questions

    What are the Library's opening hours?

    Monday - Friday    :    7:30AM  5:30PM
    Saturday    : 8:30AM – 5:30PM
    Sunday & National holidays    : Closed


    What are the procedures of borrowing the Library's materials?

    • Faculty and staff at Fulbright University Vietnam are provided with their own Library card.
    • Students at Fulbright University Vietnam have their own student ID card that can also be used as their Library card.
    • Alumni of Fulbright University Vietnam do not need to register for a Library card. You are still allowed to borrow the Library's materials for on-site reading and are eligible for 01 account to access some online resources and free available databases, as well as register for the Library Tour. You may also book your seats within the Library during off-peak times: 9:00AM - 11:00AM (Monday - Friday) and 9:00AM - 5:00PM (Saturday)

    More information at the Library regulations

    The Library Card is used to borrow books and materials in the Library, as follows:

    • Faculty & staff of Fulbright University Vietnam: can be used to borrow up to 03 materials at once, can be used within 1 week, and can be extended up to 03 times.
    • Students/Learners of Fulbright University Vietnam: can be used to borrow up to 02 materials at once, can be used within 02 days, and can be extended up to 03 times.

    More information at Library card registration

    Can journals, newspapers, theses, dictionaries and CDs/DVDs be borrowed to take home?

    • No. Only on-site reading/watching of journals, newpapers, theses, dictionaries and CDs/DVDs is allowed.

    Can I bring food or drinks into the Library?

    • No. There are special places on campus for you to eat, drink and take water. You may bring a small drink bottle with a secure and covered lid into the Library, but you must not cause any spillage in any part of the Library

    What should I do if I lost my Library card?

    • Please inform the librarian immediately so that your lost Librarian card can be locked. After that, you have to fill in the New Library Card Registration Form, and you also have to pay for the fee to have your new Library card (50,000 VND per card)

    Can I borrow the Library's materials by booking?

    • Yes. Please fill in the Material Borrowing Registration Form and send this information to the librarian. The material you requested will be booked for 24 hours. After this period, if you do not come into the Library to finalize your request, the material will automatically be back to its idle state.

    Can I register for a Library card online?

    • Yes. Please fill the required information in the New Library Card Registration Form and send the form to the Library. After processing your request, we will respond and provide you with the date that you can come to get your Library card - usually after 03 business days.

    Note: New Library card registration is only for internal users of Fulbright University Vietnam.

    Can external users borrow or make copies of the Library's materials?

    • External users may only borrow and read the materials on-site, after that, the material must be returned to the Library. You may also make copies of the material in accordance with the Library's policies and under the obedience of the Copyright law. You also have to pay the fee to make copies - which is 1,000 VND per A4 page.
  • Learning materials

    What are learning materials?

    • These are textbooks, syllabi, instruction books, scientific publications, situation analysis,multimedia materials, or different forms of materials that serve a certain unit and are provided all-in-one by the Library to students of Fulbright University Vietnam. These materials may be borrowed for up to 02 hours so that they can be provided to other fellow users during peak times of the courses, such as before final exams or during capstone assignments.
    • Please contact us via email, Chatbox, or Ask a librarian for further assistance.

    Where are unit materials located and how to search for them?

    • Unit materials are located on another bookshelf that is not within the Library. To search for unit materials, students/learners have to directly contact the librarian or contact via email, Librarian Consultation, Chatbox, or Ask a librarian for further assistance.
    • You can search for unit materials on the OneSearch portal, then ask the librarian to support in getting the material you need.

    Can unit materials be borrowed to take home?

    • No. You are only allowed to read on-spot/on-site for up to 02 hours per borrowing time.

    Which online learning platform does the Library provide?

    • Canvas
    • Micrsoft Teams
    • VitualSource

    Note: In order to use these platforms, you must be logged into your provided personal account.

    Please speak to the librarian or contact us via email, Chatbox, or Ask a librarian for further details.

  • Teaching, study & research consultation

    What is study & research consultation?

    From choosing the original research topic to uncovering new research problems from abstracts, literature reviews, data, or any other unique issue, The library can help you with your questions. During a one-on-one research consultation, we can work with you to:

    • Identify your research topic
    • Developing information search strategies
    • Identify and locate new resources
    • Support editing your research format, form
    • Support resources not available at the Fulbright Library
    • Provide other types of support tailored to your research needs

    Note: This service is only available to Fulbright University faculty, staff, and students.

    How can I have study/research consultation?

    • You may contact us via email, Librarian consultationChatbox, Ask a librarian, or:
    • Connect to experts by filling in the Consultation Registration Form so that we can link you to suitable experts for your study/research.

    Which teaching/learning/researching services and tools does the Library provide?

    • Research profile creator tools
    • Research publishing, archiving and accessibility: Figshare, Research Repository, Omeka/Omeka
    • Plagiarism detection by Turnitin
    • Citation tools: Zoreto, Mendeley
    • Canvas
    • Microsoft Teams
    • Google Scholar
    • Bibliometrics: VOSviewer, Google Scholar Metrics, Connected Papers