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Policy Papers

  • The FSPPM Policy Dialogues and Policy Studies were conducted at the request of the Government either as part of the Vietnam Executive Leadership Program (VELP) or in response to a number of economic challenges, which the Government is in need of consultation. The topic of the Policy Dialogues covers a wide range of policy issues, from overcoming macroeconomic instability to renovating growth models and restructuring the economy.
  • Policy Research papers can take the form of academic research papers or policy analysis papers. Independent, objective, and constructive studies of the university in recent years have been recognized as having contributed to improving the quality of public policy discussions in Vietnam.

Policy Studies

  • These are studies that have not been formally published. Some research papers may be in the process of being peer-reviewed or soon to be published. Unless specifically stated on the cover page, the reader has the right to quote the research content without prior permission. How to cite FSPPM research papers: Author (year of publication). Title. Editions/Month. On-going research by FSPPM.

FREP Journal

  • The Fulbright School of Public Policy and Management n collaboration with Emerald Publishing is pleased to introduce the international journal Fulbright Review of Economics and Policy (FREP). This is a peer-reviewed academic journal specialized in publishing articles, theoretical and empirical research in all fields of economics and public policy.

Research Publications

  • FSPPM faculty research publications include internationally peer-reviewed publications, books or book chapters, and proceedings of academic conferences or symposia. The outcome of this activity both enhances classroom discussion as well as helps students conduct quality research.

Case studies

  • FSPPM publishes its case studies on the school's website in an open-access format and is free to download. However, FSPPM retains the copyright to its case studies. Reproduction of these case studies is not permitted without the prior consent of FSPPM.

Fulbright Open Educational Resources

  • This is a resource for those studying and working in policy-related fields to increase their knowledge and discover new approaches to learning, training and curriculum development.

World Open Educational Resources

  • This is a high-quality, free-access, open-source educational resource collected, compiled, and supplemented by the Fulbright Library from Indiana University, Harvard University, and Harvard University and RMIT University Vietnam, as well as a number of other sources around the world.

Fulbright GALE Database

  • Gale Academic OneFile Select: Provides the access more than 20,028 total titles; 10,053 full-text titles; 5,267 active full-text titles, and no embargo. Quickly access articles from a database of scholarly journals and other trusted periodicals. Best for academic research.

See title list: Here

  • Gale OneFile News: Provides the access more than 2,773 full-text titles; 1,779 active full-text titles, and no embargo of major U.S. and international newspapers online to search articles instantly by title, headline, date, or other fields.

See title list: Here

  • Gale Ebooks: Provides the access 500 ebooks platform of encyclopedias and reference sources for multidisciplinary research, such as: Arts, Biography, Business, Environment, Social Science, etc..

See title list: Here

  • Gale OneFile: Economics & Theory: Discover content more than 1,793 useful titles; 1,151 full-text titles; 422 active full-text titles, and no embargo for starting a business, marketing a product, developing policy, analyzing trends, and more.

See title list: Here


  • Provides access to more than 12 million articles, books, and primary sources in more than 2,000 academic journals across 75 fields. JSTOR is used by over 11,000 universities and academies around the world, the collections in which include peer-reviewed academic journals, prestigious literary journals, academic monographs, research reports, and primary sources from the library's special collections and archives. Since 2020, the Fulbright Library has purchased access to eight databases provided by JSTOR, including:
  1. Arts & Sciences I Collection: Includes 117 key journal titles in Economics, History, Political Science and Sociology, as well as other important areas of the Social sciences and Humanities.
  2. Arts & Sciences III Collection: Includes 152 titles in Language, Performing and Visual arts from the Music collection, as well as major titles on Eastern and Western religions.
  3. Arts & Sciences IX Collection: The collection has 176 titles in the fields of Business and Social sciences, published in more than 25 countries, including some rare documents on the subject.
  4. Arts & Sciences X Collection: This collection includes 123 titles of social science journals that focus on theory, data, and analysis in Science and the Social sciences. Introducing new disciplines such as transportation research and development study.
  5. Arts & Sciences XIV Collection: The collection includes 143 journal titles devoted to the study of Culture and Communication, from the earliest traces of civilization to the development and governance of peoples in 17 countries, and titles in the filed of STEM education.
  6. Business & Economics Collection: The collection includes nearly 250 leading journals in economics, finance, marketing, management, business administration, labor relations... published from more than 20 countries.
  7. Biological Sciences Collection: This collection includes 207 journal titles covering a wide range of scientific subjects in advanced botany, ecology, and ornithology, along with important titles in general science, medicine, nursing, epidemiology and public health.
  8. JSTOR Language & Literature Archive Collection: Collection of more than 55 peer-reviewed scientific journals specialized in Language and Literature, including German, Italian, Arabic, published. Developed by the Modern Language Association (MLA).
  • Fulbright Alumni are provided with free access to these collections when connected to the internet on campus. For remote access, please register for a Fulbright Alumni Library Account to help us accurately understand your needs for information and serve you better.

Note: Due to licensing agreements and copyright laws, the Library cannot allow full access to the online library for Fulbright alumni & alumni. However, there is a growing body of literature that is available to all, thanks to many library digitization projects, open-accesses, and on-going collecting and curating efforts by the Harvard Library.

The Fulbright Library would like to introduce to you:


  • Harvard University's Open Access Archive for research by members of the Harvard community. DASH offers academic papers and a number of theses and dissertations.


  • This is an e-book service, providing a variety of documents such as books, maps, online photos... from libraries, archives and museums, free of charge to all.


  • A collection of documents, journals and non-magazines in the field of education.

Note: Some documents are not available and cannot be read in full-text.

Hathi Trust

  • A partnership between the major libraries that provide titles for the Google Books Project, this site is a repository of those books and other books published via local digitization projects. Non-copyrighted material (generally, published before 1923) is open to all.

Note: Some documents are not available and cannot be read in full-text. Hathi Trust logins that allow download of PDF documents are currently not accessible by alumni.

Internet Archive

  • Digitized books, magazines, audio, video and more, all for free. In addition to contemporary texts, the database also includes a series of digitized historical documents.

Project Gutenberg

  • Over 49,000 free books available in multiple downloadable formats.

PubMed Central (PMC)

  • This is an archive of articles created with the support of NIH research and made available to the public within 12 months of publication.

Note: Some documents are available on demand and cannot be read in full-text.



  • is an essential source of information for research and training, with more than 9 million full-text articles and an annual increase of more than 500,000 articles, covering 24 fields of science and technology. The number of peer-reviewed journals is over 2,500 journals, 13 retrospective magazine packages under the following topics: Agricultural and biological sciences; Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology; Chemical engineering; Computer science; Energy; Engineering and technology; Environmental science; High-energy nuclear physics and astronomy; Materials science; Synthetic chemistry; Business economics; Management and accounting; Earth and planetary science; Immunology and microbiology, giving users access to even the very first issues of these journals, including those archived since 1823.

IEEE Xplore Digital Library

  • Provides over 3 million high-quality full-text documents in important Science & Technology fields such as IT, electronics-telecommunications, automation, energy,... over 160 IEEE journals and 1,200 conference proceedings, seminars organized by IEEE. IEEE is updated weekly with more than 20,000 new documents monthly, including articles whose access are opened before publication.

Springer Nature

  • Includes more than 2,700 titles of science and technology journals in fields such as: Engineering, chemistry, materials science, computer science, medicine... More than 44,000 full-text books published by Springer from 1968 to present.

Proquest Central

  • Includes 25 multidisciplinary databases, more than 19,000 journals, of which more than 13,000 are full-text journals cover more than 160 different fields such as: Economics - Business, Medicine, Technology, Social Sciences... In addition, the database also provides the full text of more than 56,000 theses in the fields of psychology, business, physical science, health, education..., as well as reports from hundreds of industries industry in 90 countries, 43,000 business profiles, over 1,000 conference papers and 1,300 international newspapers, including some of the world's leading newspapers.

Collection of E-Books IG Publishing

  • Providing more than 80,000 titles on topics such as: Economics & Business Administration, Science & Technology, Social Sciences & Humanities, and Medicine....

SAGE Premier Journal Collection

  • A collection of fundamental and essential, high-impact published research journals representing more than 245 scholarly and research-intensive associations. More than 1,000 full-text titles of SAGE journals across many topics such as: Business, Social Sciences, Science & Technology, Medicine... enable libraries to easily support their diverse research and teaching needs of students, lecturers and researchers.

Digitized Books Database of the National Library of Science and Technology

  • The database is being built as part of the library's initiative to digitize rare, valuable documents and recently-ordered books. Users can easily search by topic and download the full text of over 400 books for academic, research and non-commercial purposes.

Vietnam Science and Technology Tasks Database

  • Provides over 4,000 records on the results of science and technology tasks, including: Detailed report on task performance, Brief summary on task performance; The Appendix summarizes survey and survey data, maps, drawings, photos, multimedia documents; The software is registered and submitted at the National Department of Science and Technology Information. The database has more than 27,000 records describing bibliography and summaries, which are updated with about 1,200-1,500 tasks/year, providing users with detailed information about the director and staff involved in the research topic, host, and the main results of the project.

STD - Vietnam Science and Technology Documents

  • Is a full-text database of Vietnamese S&T documents, built and updated by the National Administration of Science and Technology Information since 1987. Currently, STD has more than 250,000 records, of which 185,000 records have the original documents attached in .PDF file format. The database is updated weekly and on average, adding over 11,000 documents every year.

Free databases collected and provided by the National Administration of Science and Technology Information (NASATI)

  • Allow access to more than 16 peer-reviewed open-access journals, including more than 4.5 million high quality theses and dissertation in the fields of Education, Health, Physics, Computer Science, and Biology...


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