The Fulbright library seeks to support faculty and students with creation, management, conversion, and publication of research via advisory service, information searching service, and access to knowledge sources, tools, and information resources available at the library and the partner libraries.

Services for facilitating academic purposes & research at the Fulbright library involves Material search, Advisory service, Printing & Scanning, Plagiarism check, Provision of requested information, Management of research profile, Facilitation of circulation and publication of research, etc..

For undergraduate & graduate students


*Available resources at the Fulbright library

There are two ways through which Fulbright undergraduate students, master students, faculty and staff can borrow hard copies at the Fulbright library:

  • Log in the library with provided account
  • Search for the materials using OneSearch tool at the Homepage, then check the availability and location of the copies. On every bookshelf lies the maps for locating books categorized by disciplines.

In case you cannot find the copies, please contact the librarian for help, using the Chatbox (in the right-bottom of the screen), or via emails, or via Ask a Librarian tool if not in emergency.

The returning policy for different users is stated in detail in the Library Regulations.

*Non-available resources at the Fulbright library

In case your required materials are not available at the Fulbright library, we could still support you.

The delivery of the materials usually takes 2-3 days depending on the availability and the regulations of the libraries. The Borrowing period is usually 5-10 days per transaction.


The library staff, in collaboration with Fulbright faculty - specialists across multiple disciplines, can support students in issues relating to Material search in and out the Fulbright library, Assessment of information source, and Provision of information requested for learning and research. You can choose between these platform:


  • Fulbright students are allowed to use printing machines placed on Ground Floor, in the library, and on Floor 2 on the campus. Each student can print with the maximum capacity of 120 pages/month. Students can also photo and scan materials with strict adherence to the Copyright Law and Regulations on printing & scanning.
  • The Fulbright library also supports students with printing, photocopies, and scanning outside the campus. Please contact us for more information.


  • Support the use of Turnitin for plagiarism detection.


 In case the available resources of the Fulbright library fail to meet the needs of students and you seek support from the Library in searching and providing the necessary materials for learning and research? Before submitting a request, please access the library website and carefully search through the library catalog.

Please fill out the Form below:

Education Level *Doctor

Read more of Inter-library services.


Support with using citation tools such as:

  • EndNote

  • Zoreto


Support with using online platforms to organize meetings, conferences, virtual events, and exploring new resources in the field of research or work, such as:

  • Zoom: is a technological platform that helps users organize meetings, events, and share online workspaces together...

  • Google Meet: Google Meet is an application to create unlimited online lessons / meetings, allowing the number of participants up to 250 people. With Meet, users are allowed to share screens, support recording discussions and store on Google Drive quickly and conveniently.

  • MS Teams: Microsoft Teams is a messaging platform for business groups launched by Microsoft in 2017. Microsoft Teams supports meeting rooms or direct messaging, and both audio and video chat, which users can also send with files with this platform.

  • Connected Papers: Connected Papers is a unique, visual tool to help researchers and applied scientists find and explore papers relevant to their field of work.